Review of Bon Iver at the End Of The Road festival 2008

Review by Aline Giordano

Bon Iver at the End of the Road festival 2008Bon Iver’s front man, Justin Vernon greets us with “Hey everybody. This is an incredible day in all of our lives”. The set starts with an epic, noisy and self-assured version of ‘Creature Fear’. ‘Flume’ follows: quiet, laid-back with an intelligent interlude recreated live. It’s with ‘Lump Sum’ and ‘Skinny Love’ that the vocal harmonies of the band members really come through, with Vernon’s falsetto reaching out straight into your heart and soul. The singing is sublime and mesmerising. The lyrics “I tell my love to wreck it all” and “Come on skinny love what happened here” are particularly poignant. As the beating of the drums becomes more prominent Vernon’s delivery of “who’s gonna love you, who will fight, who will fall far behind” becomes wild with his voice piercing through to captivate all those present to witness one of the year’s most anticipated live acts. We are being treated to a new song and a cover of Talk Talk’s ‘I Believe In you’. Justin connects so well with the audience; He is clearly enjoying himself, and wants us to do the same. He encourages us to sing, to “sing to the clouds”, and scream to ‘The Wolves Act I and II’. After a timid start the audience finally engages and lets out a mighty roar. The crowd pleaser ‘For Emma’ follows and Bon Iver closes the performance with Sarah Siskind’s ‘Lovin’s For Fools’, a song that compliments so well Justin’s enchanting singing. It was indeed an incredible day in the lives of those present.

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Photograph © Aline Giordano 2008

Review of the End of the Road festival at Larmer Tree Gardens