Review of Micah P Hinson at the End Of The Road festival 2008

Review by Aline Giordano

Micah P Hinson at the End of the Road festival 2008The opening song ‘Diggin A Grave’ sets the tone for the live experience to come as Micah P Hinson turns the full orchestral studio sound into an intimate, stripped out, raw electric live experience with his touring accomplices: wife Ashley comfortably sat behind a keyboard and Nick Phelps on drums or banjo. The beauty of the songs is challenged by Micah’s occasional sorrowful and raucous growls. After a collection of some sad, beautiful and majestic songs like ‘Beneath the Rose’, ‘Close Your Eyes’ and ‘Tell Me it Aint’ So’, the set enlivens with ‘When we embraced’. Micah appears comfortable with the crowd. He makes jokes about marijuana; the sexual practice of some random dogs; and his hat that makes him look like a Communist. He pays humble tribute to his new wife, Ashley. He also drops in a: “I’m not some fucking monkey you can yell songs at… actually I am, I’m just doing it on a larger scale, you know!”. ‘It’s Been So Long’ was the most magnificent song of the set. Micah delivers his line ‘I don’t even know your name’ with approximate, moving and rough vocals which send shivers down your spine. ‘Patience’, from The gospel of Progress, closes the set: It’s fast, furious, aggressive and, for a short time, Micah’s shouting sounds like Kurt Cobain’s on Stay Away! How very punk!

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Photograph © Aline Giordano 2008

Review of the End of the Road festival at Larmer Tree Gardens