Ejectorseat Arts Festival - Southampton - 5 June 2010

Festival review by Aline Giordano

Ejectorseat arts festivalEjectorseat gives Southampton city centre a new arts and cultural platform.

On a sweltering Hampshire day, Southampton's Palmerston Park was transformed into a gallery of arts and craft, media culture and musical local talent. The park was buzzing with people passionate about their art and keen to share it with others while local bands provided an assorted soundtrack to the day. Families and students gathered around the band-stand, listened to the music and visited the arts and craft market which offered exciting free workshops: from knitting to drawing, lino printing and illustration.

Arts and craft were being created throughout the day and the park steadily filled with colours as the evening progressed: Trees were decorated with knitted artifacts, and large fabric canvasses stood displaying the stories that each participant cared to leave along with drawings.

A Film Tent, with the help of City Eye (a local community filmmaker's organisation), screened premieres of local films, alongside entries for their film competition which were being held in connection with the festival.

Music was provided by local acts: Woven birds, Waking Aida, Baku Bankai, Haunted Stereo, Drawings, Venice Ahoy, and the two-piece Science of Eight Limbs gave an energetic finale to the day. In the afternoon, the drumming performance session, inspired by Boadrum, challenged the audience to take part in a rhythmic communion.

Major players in the cultural life of Southampton joined forces to make the day a success: Southampton Solent University (providing students to engineer the live sound and film the event), the University of Southampton, Southampton City Council, Oxfam, etc... The collaboration, coordinated by Ejectorseat, a Southampton-based music promoter, enabled the event to be enjoyed by all for free.

The success of the event is a testimony to the many talents on offer in Southampton. This is what community is about: People meeting, trying out new things, making things, listening to new music, discovering talent, having fun. This is what the day was about and it was refreshing to see such an event being organised in Southampton, and so many people turning up.

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